A True Labor Union for Air Traffic Controllers!

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Our Mission

        PATCO the number 1 "True Labor Union" for air traffic controllers"!

Over 45 year of experience

PATCO has a well established and proven track history as a solidarity labor union that fights for air traffic controllers and the profession.

It is because of this history and solidarity of its members, that the controllers in the FAA have their benefits of today, such as premium pay, training pay and a 20 year ATC retirement, etc.         

Without the action of PATCO and its members, these changes within the FAA would have never happened.

With that said.....

The PATCO mission is to organize, represent and provide a voice to all dedicated Air Traffic Control Professionals, past, present and future. Our Union is here to support, listen, provide legal assistance, and work on your behalf for the optimum in air safety, fair compensation and improved working conditions. Unlike other unions, PATCO only represents air traffic controllers, providing  you with top notch professional personal service that you deserve.


Our Profile


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Being the most experienced, historic and dedicated union representative for Air Traffic Controllers, PATCO thoroughly understands that air traffic control is one of the most demanding and stressful professions in the world, that requires split second decisions with no margin for error.


Many controllers throughout the nation who are currently working in the private sector are reaching out to PATCO with their concerns regarding the unreasonable expectations of certain employers who demand that these controllers meet or exceed the standards required of their Federal counterparts while keeping their pay at minimum standards. Some FCT contractors have taken away employee benefits, reduced staffing to an unacceptable level , and subject the employees to “firing at will” at any time with or without cause or notice.  This archaic practice can only stop with a strong Labor Union such as PATCO in place.


Our Union will fight to ensure the dignity and deserved rewards for the Air Traffic Control Professionals.


PATCO Nationwide Organizing Campaign

Unlike other Unions, our focus, direction and interest in your profession is always number one.

If you are looking for the best Union Representation at your facility, click on the authorization form below and mail to PATCO as soon as possible.

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Please be assured that all information provided is held in confidence.

In Solidarity,

Ron Taylor


(772) 283-3369