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 Don't be fooled by impostors...look for the PATCO Original Trademark Logo for the symbol of authenticity.     

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The Official PATCO Union...........

Purpose & Goals:


Working Air Traffic Controllers:

For the improvement of the working conditions of the air traffic controllers that work in the private sector.

These professionals deserve better than what they are presently receiving, and the Union is here to represent and  serve you.       

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1. Contract Tower Controllers.......                         .



PATCO Strikers (Class of 81):

 For "the good and welfare' of the PATCO Strikers who went on strike against their employer (FAA) on August 3, 1981".

The FAA has made it a "policy" to not hire anymore PATCO Controllers because of their age...thus a "Lock Out" continues.

There is a Class Action EEOC complaint  in progress against the FAA, and the Union supports this action seeking  justice for you.



2.  PATCO Class of 81--------------



PATCO Class of 81 can join with a secure account on line.

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Just fill in your strike facility, and click the logo below:

PATCO Strike Facility



PATCO Officers & Executive Board

Ron Taylor, President  Ron

John Dwyer, Executive VP  John

Gerald May, Central Region VP  Gerald

David Ailes, Eastern Region VP    David

 Jack Ruley  Western Region VP   Jack

Marty Heischberg, Southern Region VP  Marty

Carol Ann Taylor, Secretary/Treasurer  Carol